Our ABC for your takeaway service.

We would like to assist you in the start-up of your own takeaway activities. Due to our many years of experience in the catering business, we are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding equipment, practical furnishing, products and preparation.

Would you like to start with pasta takeaway ?

Pasta in a cup is easy and trendy. You can prepare it all without significant investments. And - not unimportantly - this pasta concept from The Smiling Cook increases sales. An ideal concept as an additional product line for sandwich, soup and snack bars, in chip shops, sports canteens, ice cream parlours and much more. 

We can advise you on how to best start up with pasta takeaway in function of your existing business or tailored to your specific wishes. Questions about appliances, furnishing, products and toppings, about cost-effective mise-en-place and much more, make up our daily routine. 

Contact us at info@dlisfood.com and we will be ready for you ... without any obligation.

Some tips for an existing snack bar, chip shop, etc. 

  • In an existing business, you only need 1m² of space to start an extra product line with pasta cups. 
  • You can keep our pasta warm in a bain-marie or heat it on-the-fly in a microwave oven. Without loss of quality. 
  • If you can dedicate 1 ring on your stove for a pot with boiling water, you can already get started. 
  • Install your pasta cooker and bain-marie always on your countertop.

Some tips for a new pastabar

Are you planning on starting from scratch? Then there is a whole array of options.

  • Install all heat-appliances at worktop height: this looks good and is easy to work with and maintain.
  • Best to install your freezer and fridge under the counter in the cooling counter!
  • Furnish your counter with a modern cooling display for your pasta offer and with a 'saladette' for all your toppings.

Request our manual for a pasta takeaway here

A few more tips 

  • Make sure the water supply and drain are close to your pasta cooker. 
  • In a professional pasta cooker, the heating element does not make direct contact with the water: this facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
  • Make sure your microwave is sufficiently available when heating pasta in portion packs. We even have packaging with special steam pouches.

Good to know

A well-functioning pasta bar easily sells 100 pasta cups during lunchtime.

How do you manage that quickly and efficiently?

  • With 3 or 4 GN containers for cooling the different pasta varieties.
  • With 2 bain-maries to keep the pasta warm.
  • And with a well-filled bain-marie with all your hot sauces.

Our takeaway pastas are even suitable for food trucks!

An efficient food truck is a combination of several things: creativity in the concept, efficient working methods, easy to use and with sufficient capacity for preparation and product storage. 

Always provide sufficient freezing space: this will make sure you have always sufficient pasta in stock and you will not have any losses when sales are disappointing.

Need some help preparing your food truck?

Ideas for warm dishes or cold pasta salads.

Reinventing hot water over and over again is not an easy job. Fortunately, we have a large variety of tasty dishes that you can use alternately to create your menu.

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