Fresh and artisanal.

Fresh frozen pasta may contrast with fresh or traditional pasta for you. But please, make no mistake. Our fresh frozen pasta is produced on fully automated production lines, which consistently guarantee high quality. Just because we want to offer you a top convenience product.

Fresh frozen pasta for your kitchen.

The Smiling Cook pasta is traditionally prepared with a fresh pasta dough: durum wheat semolina is mixed with the other ingredients such as water, a little salt and sometimes eggs (for flavour and colour).

After all, using the best durum wheat semolina guarantees the perfect elasticity of the pasta. The mixture is kneaded into a homogeneous mass and pressed repeatedly into thin layers, allowing the ideal distribution of water in the dough and preventing the formation of lumps. The pasta dough is then pressed into different shapes through bronze dies, depending on the type of pasta desired.

Why frozen pasta?

Straight away, the pasta is cooked perfectly and 100% 'al dente', lightly misted with vegetable oil - to prevent sticking during regeneration - and then IQF frozen: short pasta individually and string pasta always in nests of 50g.

Flash freezing is the only conservation method, allowing fresh pasta to be stored naturally - without preservatives or fumigation - for a long period of time.

It is also the best way to optimally preserve the specific properties (aroma, colour, taste, nutrients, etc.) of the product. Ideal for the food service, because The Smiling Cook pasta has a long shelf life of 18 months at -18 ° C.

Quality, convenience and profitability more than anything.

A broad range of quality and ready-to-use products, proven culinary concepts and simple working methods make it possible for every chef to offer tasty dishes to their customers. And this in a cost-efficient way.

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