Quality, convenience and profitability above all.

Our leitmotif is simple, we want to offer qualitative solutions to all catering professionals.

Convenience cooking

Our long-standing experience in catering is an added value for your business.

The range of The Smiling Cook has become widely accepted in every kitchen that combines profitability with quality.


Fresh frozen pasta is unique in our sector. It is the key to the permanent quality of your dishes.

Our pasta is prepared with a fresh pasta dough as it should be, including durum wheat semolina and the best ingredients.  

Profit optimization

Every entrepreneur in the competitive catering sector is looking for a profitable business.

The harmony between our high-quality convenience products, simple working methods and economic benefits has a decisive influence on the profitability of your business.


Ready to use and tailored to any kitchen, including yours.

The chefs at The Smiling Cook are always ready to assist you.

The Smiling Cook stands for solutions and added value for fine dining.

Our expertise is an advantage for your company

The Smiling Cook disposes of an experienced team of catering specialists. Due to our extensive knowledge of pasta and sauces, together with our ability to create a profitable menu, we are happy to assist you in getting the maximum return for your company. Whether it concerns the basics or the more complicated processes, our specialists and chef are happy to think along with you!

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