Handy packaging tailored to every kitchen.

All The Smiling Cook's pasta is cooked 'al dente', IQF frozen and packed, tailored to every kitchen. Ready for immediate use! We pack in handy bags of 2 or 2.5 kg, in 5 kg-boxes or in portion pouches. And our ready-to-eat sauces have been packed in special microwave-resistant 1 kg-pouches.

Handy packaging tailored to every kitchen.

  • Short pasta (2 or 2,5 kg)
  • Long cut pasta (5 kg)
  • Portion packs pasta (200 or 300 gr)
  • Sauces (1 kg)
  • Portion packs sauce (150 gr)
  • Ready-to-heat meals (1 or 2,5 kg)

With our portion packs you always have the right portion of pasta on your plate.

Other benefits are:

  • Fast handling: you always have the right amount of pasta with one handling.
  • Control of stock and employees: you know exactly how many portions were sold.
  • Never a loss: a portion pack taken becomes a portion sold.
  • Fixed food cost: you know quickly and exactly what each portion costs and yields.

And with our 200g and 300g portion packs of spaghetti and tagliatelle, you can quickly compose larger portions.

With long cut pasta you can vary endlessly.

Our compact nests for string pasta offer only advantages: firmer, less breakage, smaller packaging (1 x 5 kg) and longer strands.

Ideal for brasseries, taverns and restaurants that want to quickly serve equal portions of 'al dente' pasta.

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Our sauces bring you nothing but benefits.

  • Long shelf life outside of refrigeration: these sauces contain no preservatives, but have been sterilised or pasteurised for their long shelf life. 
  • Packed in doypacks of only 1 kg: losses or surplus are actually impossible. Once opened, the sauces still keep for 3 days at max. 4°C. 
  • Easy to heat: a closed bag can be heated in a microwave oven, a combi steamer or simply in hot water. Pour the sauce afterwards into a bain marie. 
  • Sauces can be personalised with broth, fumet, cream, whole milk, cheese, fresh herbs, butter, olive oil, 'al dente' vegetables, shrimps, bacon cubes, etc. They can also be diluted with water, milk or cream to counter evaporation occurred due to a prolonged heating in the bain-marie. 
  • Extremely suitable for use in the cold line.

25 types of sauces, ready-to-use or combinable

You can use them directly in your dishes, but also easily combine or personalise them. Of course they are of a constant quality and are specially designed for food safety, simple storage, easy handling and reduction of packaging waste.

Nature in your recipe with our 100% natural tomato base

With Pomo-d’Oro® you have a natural tomato base in bulk packaging: it is the ideal and natural replacement for the perfectly ripened tomatoes for preparing your sauce or soup.

Pomo-d’Oro® means nothing but healthy benefits:
• 100% natural.
• immediately processed after harvesting.
• free from artificial colouring agents, flavours and preservatives.
• without added fat or salt.
• without added sugars.
• pasteurised and can therefore be kept at room temperature for 12 months.

Our ABC for your takeaway service.

We would like to assist you in the start-up of your own takeaway activities. Due to our many years of experience in the catering business, we are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding equipment, practical furnishing, products and preparation.

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You want to serve tasty dishes which will astound your clients?

Fantastic. But in addition to the high quality of your creations, you also need to speed things up in the kitchen. The Smiling Cook offers quality products and professional advice, so you can focus on what really makes the difference. Not convinced yet? Take a look at all the advantages listed here.

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Quality and profitability go hand in hand

We dare to say that fresh frozen pasta and profitability go hand in hand. Together with you or your chef, we will determine which process is best for your business. Which pasta to choose, which recipes on your menu and we suggest the best selling price. Investing in some advance thinking leads to more satisfied customers and ultimately to greater profit. We have experience in various sectors of the catering industry: hotels, restaurants, pasta bars, fast food chains, hospitality kitchens and industry.

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