You want to serve tasty dishes which will astound your clients?

Fantastic. But in addition to the high quality of your creations, you also need to speed things up in the kitchen. The Smiling Cook offers quality products and professional advice, so you can focus on what really makes the difference. Not convinced yet? Take a look at all the advantages listed here.

"Al dente" cooked pasta in an instant.

Serving your customers an 'al dente' pasta in an instant and at any time of the day, is perfectly possible using our fresh frozen pasta.

And in our minds, an instant is truly very fast:

  • 30 seconds for penne or fusili
  • 75 seconds for long cuts such as tagliatelli or spaghetti.

Our pasta is prepared with a fresh pasta dough, as it should be, with durum wheat semolina and the best ingredients.

We have a large range of fresh frozen pasta. The main ones are:

Be creative with our sauces.

All The Smiling Cook's sauces are ready-to-use as they come, but they can also easily be combined or personalised.

Our béarnaise sauce, without eggs and with a vegetable oil, will allow you to quickly create a Choron or Foyot sauce which can be served with grilled salmon.

Nothing prevents the chef from considering this sauce as a starting point and personalising it. Keeping in mind that a freshly prepared béarnaise requires great efforts to make and keep, our bearnaise sauce offers a cost efficient alternative to this eternal classic. Also an ideal BBQ sauce, which keeps very well in a bain-marie. 

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Our filled pasta is an ideal starting point for your dish

Our pre-cooked and frozen pasta with a fine truffle filling is the ideal combination of tasty pasta with a delicious touch. . 

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Why you certainly should consider our freshly frozen pasta.

The best product quality

  • Always100% al dente.
  • Never sticks together.
  • Individual packagings, assuring food safety.
  • Strict quality control consistently guaranteeing the best hygiene and taste.

Cost reduction

  • Leftovers or shortages are a thing of the past. You always have a correct mise-en-place.
  • Less activities needed and less staff needed!
  • Reduced consumption of gas, water and electricity.

Easy to use

  • Numerous reheating methods : hot water, combisteamer, wok, microwave …
  • Portioning is easy thanks to the handy steam pouches.
  • Fast preparation time .
  • Shelf life up to 18 months (at -18°C).
  • Offer gluten-free alternatives without any risk of contamination.
  • It's easy to bring more variation in your menu thanks to our extensive range.

Would you like to be informed personally about all the benefits?

Great! We would like to visit you to present our products and their working methods. 

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