Simultaneous reheating of pasta and sauce from the freezer opens new perspectives for every entrepreneur.

What makes this concept so special?

Just read along:

  • restaurant quality: freshly made and immediately IQF frozen
  • perfect quality due to the separate heating of the 2 producten
  • flexibility: combine the desired sauce with the choosen pasta
  • no kitchen or investment required, just a microwave
  • speed of reheating
  • no waste: only portion packs for a complete 500-550g meal
  • no preparation / work / dishes
  • idiot proof, everybody can do it

That's way our steam bags for the microwave are the perfect solution to boost your turnover, without any worries!  

Reheating times

Please find hereunder indicative reheating times from our test kitchen for the simultaneous preparation of 2 steam pouches (pasta and sauce). However, it still remains important to test the reheating times yourself with your own microwave!